Responsible Gaming at Bally's Quad Cities

Promoting responsible gaming is part of the culture at Bally’s Quad Cities. It is the foundation of our operating philosophy.


We would like everyone who gambles at our facility to enjoy their visit responsibly. Having fun and enjoying the excitement of a casino should be a planned and budgeted choice, similar to an evening at the theater, a special show, or dining out. When treated this way, gaming is an exciting and enjoyable form of entertainment. We understand, however, that some people may not gamble responsibly.

Bally’s offers a self-exclusion program in which customers may restrict their gaming privileges at not only our facility, but, additionally, all gaming establishments in Illinois. Restriction includes the denial of credit and check cashing privileges, removal from all mailing lists, and restriction from all play privileges. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, crisis counseling and referral services can be accessed by calling 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-426-2537).


Bally’s employees are trained to require valid identification from persons who appear to be under the age of 30. Individuals found to be underage will be immediately removed from the casino and may be prosecuted in accordance with state law. We would like all of our customers to enjoy their visit to Bally’s Quad Cities, but our company is resolute in our commitment to follow the law and to exercise ethical business practices. “We care, we card.”


Bally’s would like to provide a fun, exciting environment for all of our patrons. We want all of you to enjoy your stay at our casino and hotel. But, it’s important to remember that just like any other public place, children should never be left alone. This means that parents must be responsible for supervising their children at all times in all of our public areas. Bally’s works hard to provide the highest priority of safety for its guests and their children. The responsibility of children and minors who are at this property lie first and foremost with their parents and guardians. Bally’s has a zero-tolerance policy for guests who fail to take responsibility for their children. Any violations of this policy will lead to the eviction of the parent or guardian from Bally’s property.

A child or minor is unattended if any of the following exists:

  • Child or minor is without appropriate supervision – this includes young children left unsupervised in hotel rooms
  • Child or minor is in violation of local curfews or laws
  • Child or minor that appears to be, or is loitering

If a child or minor seems to be without supervision or in violation of local curfew laws, security or other appropriate personnel will be contacted and will remain with the child while reasonable action is taken to locate the parents or guardian on property or by telephone. If these efforts are unsuccessful, security personnel will contact an appropriate third party, such as the police department or department of youth services, and release the child or minor to their care.