Emerald Bay Food Hall Dining in Lincoln, RI


Emerald Bay Food Hall is the newest dining experience at Bally’s Twin River Lincoln. The name Emerald Bay symbolizes unification of cultures and cuisines and that's exactly what you will experience as you step through the doors of this stunning, 150-seat, modern food hall.

Emerald Bay's Story

The inspiration comes from Emerald Bay State Park, located on the borders of Nevada and California with turquoise waters, picturesque scenery, and a tranquil, peaceful environment. Similarly, Emerald Bay Food Hall’s national Asian cuisine is harmoniously showcased throughout this contemporary space, bringing people of various backgrounds and food preferences together for a first-class dining experience.

Guests can expect to be offered Asian-inspired cuisine represented by menu items from Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and beyond. For an authentic experience, diners may gravitate toward the Famous Thai Chili Crab Síu Mại & Crispy Fried Dough or Hong Kong Harbor Style Dungeness Crab. Comfort food is also prevalent, from Korean Short Ribs with ginger & garlic chili sauce to more Western fusion-style Chinese Sesame Chicken with Pork Fried Rice. Emerald Bay also offers an impressive array of noodle dishes highlighted by the signature Vietnamese Lobster Phở.

Lastly, although the prominent display is hard to miss, no visit is complete without a sweet stop at the bakery area of Emerald Bay Food Hall where guests may indulge in freshly made bakery goods, specialty beverages, coffees, and craft bubble teas from Sand Boba Tea House

Hours of Operation


Meet Executive Chef Jack Lee

Chef Jack Lee is a Vietnamese-American celebrity chef known for his background as a private caterer for many Hollywood celebrities, including Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie. He has also starred on multiple high-profile cooking shows, such as Top Chef Việt Nam - Đầu bếp Thượng Đỉnh and Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen. Come indulge in his incredible dishes today at the BIGGER. BETTER. BALLY'S. 

Chef Lee at The Rhode Show Link for Column1