Take the Bally's Dover Slots for a Moneymaking Spin

Fortune favors the bold and Delaware’s Bally’s Dover Casino Resort has all the big name slots. We have more than 2,200 slot machines including progressives. You can play our popular penny machines all the way up to our $100 slots. It is a sure bet that we have many of your favorite games!

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Take a spin. Hit it BIG! with our Dover Slots - now with new hours!

Slots are among the most popular attractions at Bally’s Dover Casino Resort for good reason. They are fun, easy to play and one of the simplest ways to win big. Enjoy a few games to warm up before visiting our table games, or play all night and earn exclusive rewards as a member of our Rewards Club. Whatever your game of choice, you will find a wide range of options at Dover’s premier gaming destination.


8AM – 4AM


Even if you have never played a casino game before, you can win big with slots. Slots are often the first game one learns when they experience the excitement of a casino for the first time, and with good reason. It is by far the easiest game. There are no rules to learn, no dealer you need to explain your bets to, no other players waiting for you to act. It is just you, the machine and lady luck.

If you have ever walked by a casino floor, you have almost certainly seen the excitement of slots in action. People whooping for joy as bells and whistles go off or money clanks, coin after coin, into the tray. The anticipation on a player’s face as they make that next pull. Slots is a fun and engaging game that can go on for hours of fun.

Another nice feature about slots is that they cater to small and big players alike. Our slots come in multiple denominations, so whether you are a nickel player or you want to let $5 ride on each spin, we can accommodate you. There are also multiple betting options on each machine, so you can try your luck with one bet or set yourself up to win big with multiple bets per spin. It is all up to you.