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One of the most thrilling aspects of a visit to Bally’s Dover Casino Resort® is the opportunity to watch premium horse racing in person. And if you are like many of our guests, you enjoy wagering on the harness races while you are here.

Having access to reliable information about the horses, trainers and drivers provides an extra advantage that every bettor needs to place a winning wager. StatsMaster is a convenient online service that no horse racing enthusiast should do without. You will be able to determine whether betting on the favorite is a smart move or if you should place your money on a longshot.

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StatsMaster allows you to trace the history of horses, trainers and drivers for up to five years. Discover key facts such as their overall earnings and win, place and show percentages. You can even view statistics by search criteria such as how horses have performed on slower tracks and their level of success after an extended layoff. StatsMaster is easy to use — just select the filters that apply to the data you wish to analyze and click on the “Show Stats” button in the top right-hand corner. Best of all, you can use StatsMaster for horse racing at no cost.

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Discover how fun, informative and easy StatsMaster is by taking a few minutes to “experiment” with it right now. And be sure to make StatsMaster a part of your horse racing experience.

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