Take Your Sports Betting Online

Uncover excitement with every swipe on Bally Bet. This online sports betting mobile app lets you play straight bets, moneylines, and parlays, as well as Bally Millions games. We also provide a progressive payout system and the ability to link your Bally Rewards account to our sports betting app. Invite your friends in Colorado to connect on Bally Bet to share wagers and create custom leagues. 


Get into the action with Bally Bet, the newest mobile sportsbook in Colorado.

With a variety of betting options and all the biggest sports, we make it easy to jump into the thrill. Plus, our exclusive features provide excitement at every turn.

Beyond your straight bets, moneylines, and parlays, our Bally Millions games within the Bally Bet app give you a shot at winning $1 million from entries as low as $2! Best of all, our progressive payout system means you can still win money even if your ticket isn’t perfect.

We also know that betting on sports is more fun with friends, so our sportsbook is dedicated to keeping you connected. You can follow your friends, challenge them in custom leagues, and share wagers on Bally Bet.

Best of all, Bally Bet users earn casino rewards at Bally’s Black Hawk for all of their mobile sports betting activity. Just inquire with a team member today to link your account.

(*21+. Must be present in Colorado. Terms and conditions apply. For full terms, go to www.co.ballybet.com)