As a collection of 19 regional sports networks, Bally Sports is a powerhouse in the sports media industry, producing award-winning live game coverage, while creating and innovating multiplatform content that engages millions of sports fans across the country. We are home to America’s most comprehensive regional sports media rights portfolio that includes more than half of the U.S.-based MLB, NBA, and NHL teams and delivers 4,500+ live events annually.

Bally Sports also represents the future of sports fandom. We are seeking to cultivate and engage the next generation of fans by pursuing opportunities to create an omnichannel entertainment experience that only sports can deliver. By leveraging the collective scale of our regional sports media rights portfolio, we will develop engaging content across an ever-expanding ecosystem of platforms and devices, meeting fans at the intersection of technology and sports culture. Bally Sports’ investment in the gamification of sports will usher in a new era of live, interactive sports that will provide fans the opportunity to interact with games in real time, on a personalized level, creating a national lean-in experience.